Reduces Inflammation

Reduces Inflammation
Health benefits of food: A potent source of olive biophenols with anti-inflammatory properties


Do benefits relate to a disease risk factor: No


Target group: All of the general population including children and adults


A potent source of olive biophenols with anti-inflammatory properties. Olive biophenols can reduce inflammation related to Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.


Conditions of use:


– Number of nutrients/other substances that are essential to claimed effect: 1.


– Names of nutrient/other substances and Quantity in Average daily serving: 100 miligrams OlivBiophenols.
– Weight of average daily food serving: 200 miligram(s).


– Daily amount to be consumed to produce claimed effect: 200 miligram(s).


– Number of food portions this equates to in everyday food portions: 1.


– Are there factors that could interfere with bioavailability:No.


– Length of time after consumption for claimed effect to become apparent: 1-2 weeks depending on the individual’s state of health.


– Is there a limit to the amount of food which
should be consumed in order to avoid adverse health effects: No.


– Where applicable outline nutritional composition (g per 100g) of food: Total Fat: .00, Saturated Fat: 1.24, Trans Fat:
.08, Sugar: .00, Salt: .00, Sodium: .07
Reference: European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
EFSA Journal 2011;9(4):2033